Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing


Market Segmentation and Value Proposition

Defining and targeting specific user groups for different products in each market. Fully understand the purchasing behaviour and requirements of the buyer and the influencers for each product and market.

Market Research

Engaging with our customer to understand their needs and employing research agencies to conduct specific research projects.

Advertisement and Promotional Plan

Building annual plan for advertising campaigns across markets.

Campaign Design

Conception through to artwork and production of advertising campaigns.

Media selection, allocation and implementation

Through a process of appraisal in each market; determine the best section of media to effectively communicate to target customer group.

Budget Management

Managing marketing budgets across 25 markets and 6 key brands.


ASL’s marketing expertise enables us to build brand presence based on identifying the value proposition of products to key influencers in individual markets.

Building a ‘story’ around the brand that resonates with the buying motivations of our consumers is key to maintaining our loyal client base.

In recent years, defending this brand position has become ever more challenging with an unprecedented increase in competition of both branded and counterfeit products, attracted to the market which in most cases ASL has built.

“It’s wonderful teamwork we have seen with ASL in the past eleven years, working with trust, uniting us deeper each day and creating a future for both our companies.

Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo
CEO Wichtech Industries Ltd.


Building brand equity in sub-Saharan Africa requires a unique set of skills, combined with a thorough understanding of the market and a close relationship with channel distribution partners.

ASL’s creative team regularly design artwork for literature, outdoor, print and vehicle advertising, as well as radio and television commercials. Meanwhile, the ASL showroom merchandising program helps our distributors to convey the quality of our products.