Channel Management

Strategic Planning

In conjunction with our partners, developing short, medium and long term plans covering business development, sales marketing and organisation structure.

Customer Support

Assist distribution partners develop business systems and provide operational and client support.

Financial Risk Management

Protecting the interest of our manufacturing partners by providing rigerous credit control.

Sales Training

Running regular courses for sales teams based on a program developed by ASL specific to the African market needs.


Planning regular conferences to bring together manufacturers and distributors from accross the region.

A key strength to market growth lies in the close relationships ASL has developed with distribution and manufacturing partners. There is a level of trust in both directions, which surpasses the normal supplier – distributor relationship.

ASL’s distribution partners often cite the service they receive from ASL as being one of the most important factors when explaining their own success.

Having been in product distribution for 20 years, I thought I understood it all... Until ASL came along.

Hamish Hamilton
Executive Chairman