Logistics and Order Management

Brand Marketing


Systems and Controls

Develop process for efficient order management to achieve minimum lead time in the supply of products from the point of manufacture to market.

Administration and documentation

Producing orders to 25 markets from 8 different countries and assisting with systems to improve stock management.

Customs compliance procedure

Liaison with international compliance agencies such as Cotecna, Intertek and SGS for documentation and pre-shipment inspections.


Booking and managing both air and sea freight and shipping over 100 containers per month.


Regular correspondence with production departments and customs to ensure the smooth operation of goods delivery.

Logistics and Order Management

Shipping over 100 containers per month from 8 countries to 25 different markets in Africa, we’ve become experts in African logistics.

We work closely with various international agencies such as Intertek, SGS, Soncap, SABS and KEBS for product certification, shipping inspection and document approvals.

Supplying on time to large construction projects is vital to their critical path management.

“It’s wonderful teamwork we have seen with ASL in the past eleven years, working with trust, uniting us deeper each day and creating a future for both our companies.

Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo
CEO Wichtech Industries Ltd.