I.T. Solutions

IT Solutions

Zeeshan Munawar

I.T. and Web Marketing Coordinator


As market leaders with our consumer brands, we are committed to ensuring that our position is consolidated in all aspects of business. Our I.T. Team work timelessly, designing and maintaining websites for our brands, securing the best SEO ensuring our online presence provides customers with the interaction they need better than anyone else.


We are currently engaged in developing a social media strategy for our Decra and Gerard brands. Encompassing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, ASL has developed an online presence for our brands to add strength to our market position.

Our online users have almost quadrupled in just 2 years.

Our online users have almost quadrupled in just 2 years. Web enquiries about our products and services have also trebled in the same time period.

7 in 10 of Sub-Saharan web users

say that social networks are a good place to learn about products and brands.

Mobile Subscribers in Africa

695 Million

12% access the internet through their mobile

Responsive websites and social media expand our universe. Now we can connect with others and makes a long-term impact through one-to-one interaction through these media channels.