ASL is committed to supporting the development and skills of the communities in which we work.

As the human face of the brands that they sell, our local partners Sales Teams are regularly updated by ASL personnel or hired coaching professionals. Equipped with improved sales skills and latest product knowledge, this helps to maintain our competitive advantage.

Training in Africa

Installation teams also receive regular training, ensuring that products perform as intended and customer expectations are exceeded.


Training in Africa

Training in Africa

In 2013, in partnership with our Kenyan Distribution Partner, Space and Style Ltd, a huge program of roof installation training across nine towns and cities in Kenya was undertaken.

Entitled ‘Fundi Maalam’, Swahili for expert handyman, the training program successfully improved the knowledge and skills of over 1,200 roof installers.

Endorsed by the National Construction Association of Kenya, a government body responsible for standards, the Fundi Maalam training program now qualifies installers to receive their NCA qualification and accreditation.

In export, especially Africa, big businesses often just don’t get it. Success is not about transactions and job titles and global reach, it is all about relationships and trust. ASL is a classic example of a company, one of very few, that really understands this.

Robert Craven
Programme Director
Cranfield School of Management